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The Moodle Platform ( is made available to project-members, lecturers and staff for teaching and administration of study programmes at the FH JOANNEUM University of Applied Sciences.

The platform is operated and maintained within the department ZML Innovative Learning Scenarios by the project Moodle.

The datas for accounts of project members with external accesses are stored for the duration of the project.

The accounts of the central user management system (Active Directory) of the FH are used for authentication in Moodle. The account data and associated personal data are administered in the Active Directory for the users of the FH JOANNEUM. The passwords are therefore not stored in Moodle.

The registered users can get the following  roles: teacher, student or non-editing teacher.

If you are a teacher or non-editing teacher, the following data categories will be saved:

- When logging in to Moodle: Time, date, name, all activities on Moodle, IP address

- Training materials that you create and upload

- Photos/pictures, if you upload them.

As a student, the following data categories are stored in Moodle:

- When logging in to Moodle: Time, date, name, all activities on Moodle, IP address

- Documents you create and upload

- Test scores if you take online exams

- Photos/pictures, if you upload them.

The data will be archived and remain online for the required duration. The operators of the Moodle system do not forward any data to third parties. To have your data deleted, please write to the administrator of the platform.

The access to the data is regulated as follows: Reading and writing access of registered users (teachers, students, supporters) will be assigned according to the role for the respective course/event.